Powder Coating - Spray

For a strong, durable, yet thin and even finish

Powder coating via spray is an excellent durable coating for multiple applications. Corrosion protection and dielectric capabilities are common uses for this form of coating. S & C Plastics specializes in powder coating services. Our services are available to manufacturers in the United States as well as companies based internationally.

The Process

Dry powder is applied to metal via a spray gun and an electric charge. The charge causes the powder to adhere to the metal surface. The metal piece and powder are then baked in an oven to cure the powder and cause it to flow smoothly across the metal surface. Powder coating tends to produce a stronger and more durable finish than conventional liquid paint.

Is this the right process?

If you need a coating that looks like paint, but offers corrosion resistance and protection from abrasion, powder coating with a spray gun is the appropriate coating for your product. If you need a thick coating, powder coating with a fluid bed might be a better solution.


  • Electrical busbars
  • Electrical contacts
  • Furniture hardware
  • Car assemblys

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