Powder Coating - Fluid Bed

For products of odd shapes and sizes

Powder coating via fluid bed is a method chosen for parts that can't be sprayed in a traditional manner. It is a great way to coat smaller, high-volume parts. It is also an excellent way to apply a thicker coating in areas that spraying cannot cover.

The Process

Metal pieces are first warmed in an oven and then dipped into a fluidized bed of powder. The heated part “picks up” the powdered material and is sent again through an oven to cure. This curing process causes the powder to flow out evenly across the part. This process can be used to apply both low and high build thickness coatings.

Is this the right process?

If your component needs a full coverage spray-like coating but can't be sprayed due to its size or shape, powder coating via fluid bed is an excellent option.


  • Noise dampener for springs
  • Airplane handlebards
  • Handles & grips for metal components
  • Grips for construction tools

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