Plastisol Dip Molding

For volume orders and custom production

Plastisol dip molding is a technique used by creating a mold that is dipped in plastisol material. The material is then removed from the mold and functions as a finished plastic piece. Seat belt covers, plastic caps, cup holders, are all examples of this process. We also provide mold fabrication as a service.

The Process

A metal mold is heated and dipped into the liquid plastic before being sent through the cure oven. Once the metal forms have exited the cure oven, the plastic material is stripped from the metal form to produce a plastisol molded piece.

Is this the right process?

If your end product is a plastic component and not a metal component with plastic coating, the dip molding process is most likely what you are looking for.


  • Seatbelt sleeve covers
  • Covers & shoes for automotive parts
  • Casings for custom products

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