Plastisol Dip Coating

For conventional and thicker applications

Plastisol dip coating is the most common form of plastic coating. It is a versatile manufacturing method that can be used for both fully coated and partially coated products. S & C Plastic Coating is one of the few plastisol dip coaters available in the Midwest.

The Process

Metal parts that need coating are first warmed in an oven and then dipped into liquid plastic. The heated part picks up the plastisol material and is then sent through a cure oven to bake the material into a finished state.

Is this coating right for your project?

If you need a product that is fully covered in plastic and your components are not irregularly shaped, plastisol dip coating is going to be a great solution. It is also effective for components that only need one portion of coated in plastic. If your product needs to be coated in a multiple specific places, you may need a spray coating solution.


  • Steel rollers
  • Ambulance gurney handlebars
  • Steel mesh screens

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