Dykem Coating

For making production processes easier

Dykem coating is an industrial stain used to mark parts for production purposes. The coating does not offer corrosion resistance or complete coverage, but is applied to allow “camera eyes” to distinguish between different parts on an assembly. Dykem is a great alternative to E-coating or plating when corrosion protection is not required.

The Process

The metal component is dipped into a tub of dykem material. It is then spun dry until the coating sets onto the component.

Is this service right for your project?

If you are looking for an alternative to E-coating, or a coating that is only necessary during the manufacturing process, then dykem coating is what you need. In the case you are looking for a coating that your end user will see and use, you will need one of our plastisol coating services.


  • Products that will be sorted by cameras during manufacturing
  • Products that go through a manufacturing process where items are sorted by color
  • Products that need to be physically differentiated without any coating properties

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