Frequently Asked Questions

What is your typical turnaround time? 
Our most commonly quoted turnaround time for production is one week, though we often exceed that goal. Turnaround time for initial production when custom tooling needs to be made may run from 3-5 weeks or more.

Does S & C do design? 
We don't design parts, though we may make suggestions that will enhance the ease or effectiveness of our coating.

Does S & C have their own truck? 
We do not. Our local customers generally drop off and pick up. More distant customers ship via their choice of freight company. We ship smaller quantities via UPS or FedEx.

Can you advise me on the best coating to use on my product?
The final choice is always up to you, but we are happy to give you advice based on the kind of protection or appearance you are looking for. For instance, if the product will be exposed to sunlight we will steer you away from an epoxy coating. If you are looking for chemical resistance we will often suggest a vinyl product. If you want to protect your product from abrasion we may advise a nylon coating.

Dip Coating Medical

Dip Molding Seatbelt

Do you have minimum lot charge for small orders? 
There is no set lot charge. Sometimes set-up costs are built into the piece price. Generally we quote orders based upon a minimum run size. If a given lot of product is less than that minimum then there is a set-up charge. That set-up charge varies according to the process used and other factors. 

What do you charge to coat a sample product?
That depends on many factors. Often there is no charge.

What about tooling charges?
Often your product can be run on tooling that we have on hand. Other times we only need to order rails or hooks to fit on the racks we have. At times, in order to increase throughput and get the best price, we need to design custom tooling.


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